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Fresh Linens

Fresh Linens

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Bursting with Freshness - Fresh Linens


Ah, step outside and catch the fragrance in the air of the cotton sheets blowing in the wind and drying in the warm sun. Somehow, that is bottled up in this candle. Rarely does anyone do their own laundry outside anymore, but growing up and living overseas, all of our laundry was hung out to dry. There is something about having the wildflowers growing, the breeze blowing, and the sun creating a fresh and clean smell in your sheets.


Cotton Blossom | Lily of the Valley | Violet

Available in 2 Sizes

Tin ~5.5 oz

Jar ~8.3 oz

Candle Creation

All of our candles are crafted from our own blend of coconut and soy wax. These waxes are natural and non-toxic, unlike paraffin wax which is filled with countless toxins.

We hand-pour each candle in small batches and pour ourselves into the creation. Our hope is that enjoy our candles as much as we enjoy making them.

Photo by Trisha Downing on Unsplash

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